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Steinar Svan Birgisson
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Steinar Svan Birgisson
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 Steinar Svan Birgisson and his works



            Steinar is a 28 year old Icelander living in Hafnarfjörður in the outskirts of the capital Reykjavík. In spite of a difficult childhood caused by decease and made worse by mobbing in primary school, he would use his time of leisure with a pen or pencil and the amount of work created is extensive. Later on in life he expressed himself with a brush and paint. Steinar has studied apinting at Reykjavík Art School, and spent a year in Danmark where he studied painting at Krógerup people´s collage and at Testrup People´s college.

            Some people see Steinars work as having a stong naivistic trend when others see a more symbolic and mature expression. Cought in the middle of an economic meltdown in Iceland in 2008, followed by unemployment and social uproar, Steinar who had worked in a restaurant for years found himself amongst the unemployed. Having all the time in the world, Steinar started painting like never before and has been selling quite a lot of his works.

            Steinar has some favourate objects in his works, the Icelandic sheep is perhaps a symbol of endurance, a living creature in harmony with nature and the forces of nature. In his work, Seat Of Power, he seems to be making fun of politicians who are sitting so hig above the public that there is no communication either way. In his still life picture Steinar uses colors to create a new atmosphere

out of classical objects. Steinar never gets tired of  introducing new idears and objects into his paintings, the latest being persons from the TV series about the Sympson familie. Hope you are enjoying what you see of his works here. Have a nice day.



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